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editing Services

Developmental Editing 

  •  Big-picture editing may include moving a significant amount of text around, as well as deleting some sections. Done in stages while working closely with the editor.
  • Look at the overall structure and content of a manuscript.
  •  Ensures tone is consistent throughout the manuscript.
  •  Focuses on plot points.
  •  Reworking areas of your manuscript to improve the clarity, flow, and structure of your manuscript.

Includes: Analysis and style sheet


Copy + Line Editing

  • Line-by-line assessment of the creative content, writing style, and language.
  • Focuses on communication, tone, efficacy, word choice, and syntax.
  • Focuses on readability and ensures writing flows smoothly.
  • Focuses on preserving the author’s personal style.
  • Addresses grammar, usage, story consistency, and continuity issues.
  • Maintains technical consistency in spelling, usage, etc.
  • Tense and POV consistency.
  • A Flat rate when added to the Developmental Package.


Includes: Style sheet


  • Word-level edit
  • ONLY Focuses on spelling, grammar, punctuation, typos, repeated words, and formatting issues.
  • Catches any errors left behind by the editor and author.
  • Last step in the editing process before publication.
  • NOT eligible if manuscript is not edited prior.
  • A Flat rate when added to the Copy + Line Editing Package


Includes: Style sheet


Note: Charges may be subject to change to fit the needs of each client, if services inquired do not quite fit any description above.

A La Carte services

Priority Fee:
Do you have a release date set and it is less than our standard turnaround time?

Don’t quite need Developmental Editing but would like to know if your plot is solid overall? This document differs from the Style Sheet. It addresses consistency within the plot and character development.

Coaching Session:
ONE session additional to any packages. Can only be added to packages.


copy & content writing

  • For non-fiction publications such as self-help manuscripts, blogs, written website content, manuals, etc.
  • Beneficial for businesses needing help with content for their websites, etc.
  • Contact us for an estimate.


*Consistent services are available for publishers and independent authors, which requires a Service Agreement.

publisher’s package 

• Consistent Copy + Line Editing services for Publishers and Independent Authors.
• Service Agreement Required.