1. Does Assembly use any editing software assistance?

There is no use of any editing software. Assembly relies on the authentic knowledge of and passion for the English language. Our house style is according to the Chicago Manual of Style.

2. What software format is accepted?

Manuscripts should be in Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

3. What is the standard turnaround time?

Each manuscript and project is different and there are also many factors that may affect the turnaround time. Said factors may be: word count, services requested, the severity of the work required (i.e. tense consistency, sentence structuring, syntax, etc.), and workload. Clients will receive an ESTIMATED turnaround time after a sample has been submitted; the turnaround time will be updated once work begins or ASAP.

4. Is proofreading and editing the same? Can proofreading be done in place of editing.

Proofreading is a light form of editing which should be done in conjunction with other extensive editing, if necessary. It focuses solely on grammar and spelling; it is a reassurance to catch lingering errors before publication. It is a SEPARATE service.

5. Why are general consultations needed?

General consultations are needed to explain services in detail and answer any questions the client may have.

6. Why are samples requested?

Samples are requested to assess the content that needs servicing and to verify what services are needed. It also gives insight into our editing style.

7. What is a style sheet?

A style sheet is a separate document created by the editor which promotes consistency, efficiency, and clarity.

8. Refund Policy

All sales are final!